Lost Your Job? Let’s Take a Good Look at Unemployment Benefits

Losing your job can be a pretty stressful event. If you’ve just lost your job, it is important to have a clear idea of what you need to do next. That’s what we’ll be looking at today. One of the best things about being part of the USA is that when you lost your job (and depending on how you lose your job), you’re entitled to unemployment benefits.

What is unemployment benefit?

It is compensation made by our government to unemployed individuals. While the rules that govern eligibility for unemployment benefits vary from one state to another, it is rather easy to verify. In light of our technological advances, you may now even apply for unemployment benefits online. While the other ways to apply are either by phone or by mail, going online is believed to be the easiest way to do so.

How do I check if I can receive unemployment benefits?

The best way to find out is by visiting your state unemployment office. A common mistake most people make is automatically assuming that they do not qualify. Keep this in mind, general qualification considers a few things:

  • That you lost your job but it wasn’t your fault.
  • You have been an employee for a certain period.

If you quit from your job, you are ineligible for unemployment benefits.

What details do I need to provide to apply for unemployment benefits?

Like most things, the requirements can vary from one state to another. However, there are a few similarities like your mailing address that must include your zip code. Your social security number is also something that they’ll need, as well as any valid forms of identification. Of course, you’ll need to provide details about your previous employer.
While it may seem daunting, always keep in mind that these checks are put in place so that no shysters can penetrate the system that was made to benefit us.

Tips to remember!

Do the process yourself. There are people out there that may offer their services to file a claim on your behalf. While there may be some who do wish to help, it is ultimately best to be safe. Unemployment benefit scams are alive and well.

If you’re going to apply through a website, make sure that’s it is legitimate. It only takes a few moments to ensure that the site you’re looking at is the real thing.

Be aware that even if you are rejected, you can file for an appeal. If you are eligible, consider beforehand if you want taxes to be withheld from your unemployment payments. Payments can come in different forms: debit card, direct deposit, and even checks. Payments can be made weekly or bi-weekly.

Never hesitate to ask for help. Losing your source of employment can seem pretty terrifying. However, you shouldn’t let panic and despair overtake you. When in a financial bind, you must remember that there are ways in which you can bounce back. Never lose hope and persevere.