Your Unemployment May Be Looming over the Horizon: the Signs You’re about to be Fired

Do you feel unease in your job security? Do you feel your supervisor’s eyes making a dent into your head when you’re in the office? Today, we discuss the signs that you’re about to get fired. While this topic may not be pleasant to some still recovering from job loss, it always pays to be prepared.

Most of our readers have shared that they were caught off guard when they were handed the pink slip. In the hopes that no one would be caught off guard again, let’s discuss some very real signs of nearing unemployment.

Sudden intensified scrutiny about time and expenses

At any job it is normal to face scrutiny. This is, after all, how your employer can tell you’re doing your job. However, if you suddenly find yourself at the center of an inquiry for any expenses you may have incurred or your timecard, you may need to brace yourself for unemployment.

The Accounting Department will rarely initiate any such scrutiny on their own. More likely, it was done at the request of a supervisor who believes that you are wasting company time and money.

Sudden drop in your assigned tasks

While most employees would love free time while on the job, you must be wary if you find yourself getting less and less work. If you aren’t being assigned any tasks, you should find out if you’re the only one who’s getting such a treatment. If your immediate supervisors are vague about the topic when you ask them, you can expect a date with HR soon.

Extremes in working environment

This refers to the phenomenon wherein an employee is the recipient of being micromanaged or being outright ignored by the boss. No one likes being micromanaged. It’s stressful and if you’re someone that the company wishes to keep, they would not be doing this to you.

While it may also be the case of an office tyrant, try to see if everyone else is treated thusly. If it’s only you, that’s a bad sign.

Your workplace is undergoing organizational change

When companies evolve or a merger is had, layoffs are not uncommon. Businesses exist to create money and chances are the first things they will do is to cut out any excesses. This can refer to the beloved office coffee machine and it can even mean several employees.

If you were already feeling unease in your job security before the merger, keep a cautious eye out.

Still, if you do get fired, it’s not the end of the world

We understand if it certainly feels like it is. You may be feeling shock and anger when it happens but try to remain professional and level-headed. Sort out your emotions privately and consult with HR about your options. Avoid a knee-jerk reaction at all costs. If you leave on a good note, you can even walk away with a recommendation.

Get in touch with people you trust. Never think that you have to keep it to yourself.