Joining the International Fight: Our Canadian Action Plan

The Canadians have long been our allies in wars and in economy. It is important to note that because of wars our government has contributed much of the strain in Canadian resources. Views expressed by our president have driven a massive exodus of frightened minorities into the borders of Canada.

While Prime Minister Trudeau has expressed that this will welcome immigrants, it has started to show that they cannot accommodate the sheer influx of people. These people fleeing are Americans by either naturalization or by birth and yet they no longer feel safe upon our soil. This is something that cannot be born.

We are Americans and this is our country. We cannot allow hatred to drive our own people out to seek shelter elsewhere. We need to galvanize together to help both our people and our ally. We must make it our mission to eradicate hatred before it takes deeper root in our nation.

Canada is facing its own trouble and realistically, they cannot handle the sheer amount of American families that cross their borders illegally. Emerson, a tiny Canadian town has seen an unprecedented international immigration controversy. Frightened refugees have braved harsh temperatures and the dead of winter to seek asylum.

How has such a thing come to pass? How have we allowed and tolerated a man whose divisive ideals have torn our country asunder? We need to fight.

We must hold Canada’s Prime Minster to his word about adequate care for the American refugees currently pouring into Canada. We need to establish better networks to suit the interests of both nations and not just our own.

We can do this by fighting the intolerance that has been festering in the underbelly of our once great nation. We cannot claim to be a world leader and a nation to aspire to if our own leader drives people to flee. We need to reclaim our democracy and shut down hatred and bigotry.

If you are American, contact your local and national representatives. Let them know about your thoughts regarding the immigration crisis that Canada is bearing because of our own messed up politics. Let them know that if they continue to tolerate Trump’s fascist ideals that they will no longer have your support.

Let our voices be heard loudly and truthfully. Let us remind the world of who the true pioneers of democracy are. And let them justly tremble.