Surviving the Sudden Loss of Employment: Wise Tips To Keep Yourself Positive and Occupied

So you’ve recently found yourself out of a job. What is there to do in the meantime? Today, we take a look at wise tips to stay positive and keep you occupied in the interim. First off, we’re very sorry that you have to go through this difficult time. Losing one’s source of income is always a harrowing time.

While things may look bleak, it is important to keep a level head. We know it may be difficult but that’s what makes overcoming this so much sweeter. While most people believe that the first thing to do after losing a job is finding a new one, this is actually counter-productive.

Instead of jumping right away into a new job hunt, it is crucial to take a step back and be productive.

Wake up early

Yes, we understand if you’re surprised about this tip. While you’re in between jobs, it is important to get a routine going. It is even better to set waking up early as a goal. Meeting this simple goal is enough to get your productive juices going and to give yourself a self-esteem boost.

Consider building your portfolio

Regardless of your field of work, it is now possible to land projects while in the comfort of your home. There are freelance websites that you can use to land projects that help build your portfolio. Doing so will keep your skills sharp, offer an alternative source of income (even if only temporarily), and you will still have time on your hands to relax.
There is nothing worse than being idle when you’re in between jobs.

Take an online course

The internet is a wonderful thing. We can do pretty much anything and look up anything—provided you know where to look. One of the best ways to keep you busy and to upgrade your skills is through taking an online course. If the online course you find teaches you a new skill rather than upgrade an existing skill, all the better.

Adding this to your improved resume is a great way to show future employers that you are self-motivated. Companies prefer to take in people who showcase initiative.

Reconnect with your network

While you’re busy improving yourself, it is important to remember that the world will move on. A good way to not get left behind is to reach out to your contacts. Let them know that you’re in the market for a new job and will appreciate any leads.

Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to get employed. The right word of praise from a trusted network can mean all the difference between a new job and continued unemployment. If you can, add new members to your network. It will help pad your resume.

Reviewing the wise tips above is a great way to remain sharp and continue to stay afloat amidst uncertainty. If you have any questions or suggestions, shoot us a message and we’d love to share your input with others!

Your Unemployment May Be Looming over the Horizon: the Signs You’re about to be Fired

Do you feel unease in your job security? Do you feel your supervisor’s eyes making a dent into your head when you’re in the office? Today, we discuss the signs that you’re about to get fired. While this topic may not be pleasant to some still recovering from job loss, it always pays to be prepared.

Most of our readers have shared that they were caught off guard when they were handed the pink slip. In the hopes that no one would be caught off guard again, let’s discuss some very real signs of nearing unemployment.

Sudden intensified scrutiny about time and expenses

At any job it is normal to face scrutiny. This is, after all, how your employer can tell you’re doing your job. However, if you suddenly find yourself at the center of an inquiry for any expenses you may have incurred or your timecard, you may need to brace yourself for unemployment.

The Accounting Department will rarely initiate any such scrutiny on their own. More likely, it was done at the request of a supervisor who believes that you are wasting company time and money.

Sudden drop in your assigned tasks

While most employees would love free time while on the job, you must be wary if you find yourself getting less and less work. If you aren’t being assigned any tasks, you should find out if you’re the only one who’s getting such a treatment. If your immediate supervisors are vague about the topic when you ask them, you can expect a date with HR soon.

Extremes in working environment

This refers to the phenomenon wherein an employee is the recipient of being micromanaged or being outright ignored by the boss. No one likes being micromanaged. It’s stressful and if you’re someone that the company wishes to keep, they would not be doing this to you.

While it may also be the case of an office tyrant, try to see if everyone else is treated thusly. If it’s only you, that’s a bad sign.

Your workplace is undergoing organizational change

When companies evolve or a merger is had, layoffs are not uncommon. Businesses exist to create money and chances are the first things they will do is to cut out any excesses. This can refer to the beloved office coffee machine and it can even mean several employees.

If you were already feeling unease in your job security before the merger, keep a cautious eye out.

Still, if you do get fired, it’s not the end of the world

We understand if it certainly feels like it is. You may be feeling shock and anger when it happens but try to remain professional and level-headed. Sort out your emotions privately and consult with HR about your options. Avoid a knee-jerk reaction at all costs. If you leave on a good note, you can even walk away with a recommendation.

Get in touch with people you trust. Never think that you have to keep it to yourself.

Lost Your Job? Let’s Take a Good Look at Unemployment Benefits

Losing your job can be a pretty stressful event. If you’ve just lost your job, it is important to have a clear idea of what you need to do next. That’s what we’ll be looking at today. One of the best things about being part of the USA is that when you lost your job (and depending on how you lose your job), you’re entitled to unemployment benefits.

What is unemployment benefit?

It is compensation made by our government to unemployed individuals. While the rules that govern eligibility for unemployment benefits vary from one state to another, it is rather easy to verify. In light of our technological advances, you may now even apply for unemployment benefits online. While the other ways to apply are either by phone or by mail, going online is believed to be the easiest way to do so.

How do I check if I can receive unemployment benefits?

The best way to find out is by visiting your state unemployment office. A common mistake most people make is automatically assuming that they do not qualify. Keep this in mind, general qualification considers a few things:

  • That you lost your job but it wasn’t your fault.
  • You have been an employee for a certain period.

If you quit from your job, you are ineligible for unemployment benefits.

What details do I need to provide to apply for unemployment benefits?

Like most things, the requirements can vary from one state to another. However, there are a few similarities like your mailing address that must include your zip code. Your social security number is also something that they’ll need, as well as any valid forms of identification. Of course, you’ll need to provide details about your previous employer.
While it may seem daunting, always keep in mind that these checks are put in place so that no shysters can penetrate the system that was made to benefit us.

Tips to remember!

Do the process yourself. There are people out there that may offer their services to file a claim on your behalf. While there may be some who do wish to help, it is ultimately best to be safe. Unemployment benefit scams are alive and well.

If you’re going to apply through a website, make sure that’s it is legitimate. It only takes a few moments to ensure that the site you’re looking at is the real thing.

Be aware that even if you are rejected, you can file for an appeal. If you are eligible, consider beforehand if you want taxes to be withheld from your unemployment payments. Payments can come in different forms: debit card, direct deposit, and even checks. Payments can be made weekly or bi-weekly.

Never hesitate to ask for help. Losing your source of employment can seem pretty terrifying. However, you shouldn’t let panic and despair overtake you. When in a financial bind, you must remember that there are ways in which you can bounce back. Never lose hope and persevere.

Online Job Opportunities

Home Based Business for Women

Going to work can be very troublesome for women. Besides having the trouble to get up early to have time to prepare and potentially getting stuck at traffic, women can also be harassed while heading to work.

There’s so much to do even before you start doing your actual work and there’s so much trouble trying to get to the workplace. Have you thought of just working at home? There are actually home based business opportunities for women. You can do and have your work at the comfort of your own home.

Home Based Business Opportunities for Women

Home Based Business Opportunities for Women

There actually isn’t really much of a difference with home based business opportunities for women and men. Both can have the options of creating and doing work at their own home. If you don’t have or if you’re tired or if you no longer wish to work at your current office or company, you can try and start establishing a home business.

If you have a skill or a passion, you can create a business plan out of it and turn your hobby into something profitable. The internet connection is also vital with home based business to market your work. High paying jobs can also be acquired online. You could search for an online job that could best fit your skills.

Advantages of Working at Home

If you work at home, you no longer need to be too concerned of having time to prepare yourself for the job. It depends but typically a home business established by you depends on you because you are the boss after all.

However, if you choose to have an online job, the need may depend. Regardless, there’s no doubt that the advantages of working at home can outweigh the benefits of have any other jobs. Working at home, you no longer have to worry about leaving home, getting stuck at traffic or getting harassed. Plus, you can have more time for your family if you work at home.

Online Job Opportunities

Online Job Opportunities

If you have a fast and reliable internet connection, you can resort to online job opportunities. Online jobs are good home based business opportunities for women. You can also apply for an online job without the need of a degree.

As long as you have the skills required, you can apply and get an online job. Online job opportunities are great ways for you to potentially enjoy the advantages of working at home. If you don’t have the necessary skills needed to have an online job, you can learn it from the internet.

Read articles and watch videos about the skill you have to learn for the online job you wish to apply for. Online job opportunities can open a great start to financial security.

Perhaps not working at home can be more of a trouble for women just because of the additional harassment but that isn’t a case everyone experiences. If you prefer to work and enjoy the advantages of working at home, you could either turn your passion into something profitable or find good online job opportunities.

Know that there are risks with online job opportunities but having an online work could also mean having a high paying job.

Disadvantages of Home Businesses

Is a Home Based Business the Right One for You?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could work from the comfort of your home? Many may not know yet but with today’s opportunities, working at home is slowly becoming a common thing. You could work at home and actually even have higher pay than other corporate jobs.

Yes, it’s possible. Surprising as it may seem, a very high paying job can actually be a home based business. It is possible to get a fortune just from working from the comfort of your own home.

Home Based Business

Home Based Business

Working at an office or somewhere besides just at home can be such a hassle. You have to prepare early, make sure you won’t get late, travel to your work place, get stuck in traffic and probably even deal with toxicity in your workplace.

Not only that, you could also have a terrible boss or a bad pay. What if I told you that you can actually have a home based business? A home business or a home based business is a business that you do at the convenience of your own home.

You don’t necessarily have to own the place but it requires you to be working at the same property. There are still of course advantages and disadvantages with having a home based business but it can potentially be better than having a job somewhere else.

Advantages of Home Businesses

There are a lot of opportunities in creating or having a home based business. Much of the home businesses can be doing online work and you could actually work online as a graphic artist, article writer, marketing expert and many more.

Of course, you could also create a home based business based on what you want to really do in life and turn your passion into something profitable. The advantages of home businesses are actually quite a lot. One beauty of working at home is not having the need to travel.

When you work at home, you’re already at your work place. If you work online, you might not even have to do anything else besides opening your computer and having a reliable internet connection.

You will love the advantages of home businesses. You also may not need a degree to get an online job or to start your own business from home. Regardless, you can still make a lot of money just from working at home.

Disadvantages of Home Businesses

Disadvantages of Home Businesses

Yes, advantages of home businesses are beautiful but there also downsides in having a home business. Disadvantages of home businesses can be critical as well and it’s important for you to know them. The chance of getting an online job may be low for you.

It may not be easy getting an online work, let alone a high paying one. Disadvantages of home businesses may also include you not being your own boss and of course this could also mean that you having the home business can’t mean happiness or having a long-term job.

Creating or having a home business is possible for everyone. You just have to look or create a plan that would enable you to create a profitable home business. Study the advantages and also study the disadvantages of home businesses.

The advantages of home businesses should weigh more than the disadvantages of home businesses if you are to create or have your own home business. If you are happier with working at home and it proves to still be profitable, you should consider having your own home businesss.